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While I hope we can resume the long-standing OGR Forumite Breakfast before the Allentown (PA) First Frost Meet on Saturday, November 13, we have a dilemma. The Hamilton Family Restaurant, due to COVID staffing issues, doesn't open the doors until 7 a.m., which means food won't really be available until 7:20 a.m. or so. As most of the guys prefer to take advantage of the 'early admission' at 8 a.m. at the show, I am not sure that makes for an enjoyable breakfast.

I can try to find a secondary location if there is enough interest, so please let me know your feelings asap. There is a good diner on Tilghman St. (near Rt 309/I-78), which is 2 -3 miles from the Allentown Fairgrounds.


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I’m going to the show on Sunday so I will be missing the breakfast. And I might be missing the Jets game if they play that day. Anything is better to do than watch our horrific Jets!
Real glad I saw you at York!

Chuck: Sunday at First Frost is definitely time better spent (not even gonna give my opinion on the no gas, all break Jets  I might go both days as not to be tempted to waste my eyesight!

@Greg Houser posted:

The fact the Eagles stink just gives me a free afternoon to work on my new layout every week!


I’m a season ticket holder, haven’t been to one game this year. I just give the tickets to my kids. Now that Christmas movies have started, I may not even watch the Eagles on TV.
As for the breakfast, I would like to attend, if that is OK. Already ordered my show ticket.

Amazingly, this has been as harder than I ever imagined. I talked to two other local diners about having us. Both have said that they can't accommodate us as they only have one waitress available. Even after telling them that we tend to meander in at different times, they respectfully and embarrassing still couldn't commit to serving least in time to take advantage of our 'early admission to the fairgrounds.' If arriving at the show by 8 a.m. is not that important to a large enough group of us I can go back to HamFam to let them know. Again, they open the doors at 7 a.m. and won't be able to bring out any breakfast until about 7:20 or so.

Heck, we couldn't even commandeer a McDonald's as most of them are not opening the restaurants due to staffing.

So, is  the HamFam situation ok with you guys?

Hey guys: With the help of a friend of ATMA and the OGR Forum, we have a solution. And right on the Fairgrounds property. The people who own the historic Ritz Barbeque will gladly open for us at 7 a.m......and be ready with hot coffee and griddle to take our orders immediately. They are very happy to have us.

The is at the eastern end of the Fairgrounds lot. Just put it, or the Allentown Farmers Market in your GPS; or 1700 Chew Street, Allentown should do it.

Note: Ted will have the 'early admission' tickets for us. $10.00.

So, let's start the list of those who are 'planning' to join us. There is no obligation, but an approximate list will help The Ritz in planning their staff.

Chuck Genna (Alentown)

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