I actually bought something at the show this time, the MTH Premier D&H 5-car Passenger Set.  I've had the engines for some time, but the cars don't show up all that often, so I was happy to see a set.

gunrunnerjohn posted:

I actually bought something at the show this time, the MTH Premier D&H 5-car Passenger Set.  I've had the engines for some time, but the cars don't show up all that often, so I was happy to see a set.

Wow, if I had heard it from any other source, I would have regarded that as "fake" news! 

Those are nice cars GRJ. Nicholas Smith had a couple of MTH Premier two packs (baggage/coach) of Reading madison cars at a good price, so I picked one up along with one of those colorful Lionel Crayola hoppers for my daughter. Another vendor had one of the newer Linde PS-2 hoppers by Lionel at a good price, so sprung for one of those as well. A good time, and good to see everyone though somehow I missed the group photo this time. (I never get to seen them anyhow--are they ever posted anywhere?) 

Tuscan Jim

Here are some shots from the breakfast and the Saturday morning picture. The breakfast had fewer attendees than normal, but that  was made up at the show which was absolutely packed from 10:00 until about 2:30. Moving in the aisles during that time was difficult at best. The 11:00 am picture was delayed until 11:30 because some "unnamed individual" (not me!) was not ready to go at 11:00. More pictures from the Lehigh Valley Hirailers layout later.





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Didn't get to the show till 2 pm, sorry I missed breakfast. I saw that two big dealers and three medium dealers were not there and one table selling 30+ year old tyco trains for $20 a car. I saw a table selling used HO freight cars with no box priced higher than a dealer selling brand new still in the box. I was looking for short list of things and left empty handed. I saw Justrains had a lot of empty shelf space, so did Nicholas Smith. I saw prices at MSRP all the way down to pennies on the dollar. Had my youngest son with me who was not feeling well, so I didn't get to talk with anyone. I took a few pictures,(remembered to bring my camera). This N scale horseshoe curve layout is well over 25 years old, but it stuck out today. Looks like it got a overhaul cleaning and new scenery. As you can see, the Amtrak Broadway Limited is climbing the hill. A Norfolk Southern coal drag is coming down real slow, that HOT intermodel train is burning up the rails trying to race Amtrak. Next is the Lehigh Valley Hirailers, I never took notice about the Scouts or the rock climbers before. I finally paid more attention to the layout than the trains running. I really like the old abandoned passenger station and switch tower, it gives a look of what once was. I love Halloween, so the corner grave yard scene was a must to photograph. I don't know who make's the shell station, but that little city scene with the street car and building fronts was nice. I saw a nice C&O passenger train with no engines in the yard, looked to see on their tables as to what might pull it but saw nothing. Even though we got there late, I saw plenty of people walking out with their hands full of boxes and bags. I saw one guy pushing a hand truck full of boxes to his car with a huge smile on his face like he just won the lottery. 

Went across to the farmers market, got my son his beef sticks. I got my $2 cheese dog wrapped in a pretzel, ohh those are good. 



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irish rifle posted:

There are always going to be some folks complaining about prices. The solution is simple. Negotiate the price down or walk away. There are always some good deals at these shows.

I found the lines the longest I’ve seen since attending this show. I feel it is a better show then Greenberg ones and second to york. I got a great deal on a prewar set of 2600 series passenger cars and prewar parts. As far as prices, every thing i looked at the seller offered to do better on price, great show.




Thanks for the nice comments on the Lehigh Valley Hirailers! I'm happy to see you liked all the different scenes. All of us were very busy talking to the many attendees who wandered by asking many questions. We even met some old friends. Most of the buildings you saw on the 2 city modules are from Menards. The C&O passenger set has a set of either B&O or C&O F units to pull it. We were having trouble with switching the yard track power (one of the connectors got mangled in transit) which resulted in us removing any unused motive power from the yard, and leaving the train ready to run later.



Here  are some stills and video of the layout.



IMG_3903Old school vintage Lionel F3A 2343.

IMG_3927Mel's Diner and Mopar Car Club




IMG_3932Gotta find Scooby!




IMG_3937More Old school, this time for the late 1980s or so.


IMG_3941One of our members brought his daughter as she wanted to run her Girls Train. Here she is keeping a close eye on it .




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Well Sunday was a completely different animal, you could have held a football game in the parking lot if it wasn't raining.  Never have I parked that close to the entrance.   I guess everyone who went on Saturday wanted to be home early for their Oscars party.  Anyway, I found a few vendors missing, in particular the small booth in the first hall that had a wall of gargraves track and assorted spare parts for GG.  One of the reasons I went.  I picked up some backdrops from the tools booth in that alcove, the owner seemed like a really nice guy.  Picked up screws from Trainworx, and a couple of 2 rail cars for my very small switching layout.  This vendor was also an extremely nice individual, a wealth of knowledge he was willing to share.  I still came away with the thought that prices for older lionel items are still falling.  Same for HO, the 10 pound box of track for $10 was especially telling.  Still the best show for us non TCA members.  

Kudos to the Lehigh Valley High Railers, they insert some variety to their layout that takes away from the racetrack appearance.  That trolley scene sure did stimulate some ideas for me.  Also you have to love the train races, drama, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and fun for the kids.

All in all it was a terrific show with wall to wall attendees and full tables. Got stuck in traffic on Rt 78 and entered the hall at 11:10 AM, so I missed the picture.  Overall I thought that the prices were really good. Lots of P/W, overstock,  new old stock, and surplus items were available. One area had a sign Closed Train Shop Sale Crazy Deals 40% -80% off MSRP.  Noticed a bit of price negotiation going on. At the Allentown Meet you never know what you will find but the prices are far more favorable than those at York. Its become my #1 show.


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