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The show today was well attended and many friends and members of the LCCA stopped by our booth in the big hall today.

if you are coming to the show tomorrow be sure to stop by our booth Q-1 in the big hall and say hello.

sal Gambino/ President Elect LCCA.






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It was a great show.  Best one I’ve been to in years.  Many great deals and not the same ole same ole as in years past.

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Today was the first time in several years, and for us early birds, I don't recall the line being as long as it was. My friend and I arrived just after 7:45, and waited til a few minutes before the opening. The line extended halfway down the side of AG Hall. I was searching for one or more of the MTH 2 bay CRP hoppers for a future diorama project, and found one custom lettered and weathered Weaver hoppers. My friend bought some engines from the table, and he was retrieving them as we were leaving when I spotted the car. I will do some more weathering, add scale couplers, and a new coal load. We headed to Harry Henning's home for his North Penn O Gaugers open house, and spent some time exploring the layout. It was a good day, but I couldn't help but notice the changes in vendors over the years. 


I got there early for the early bird entrance and am glad I did -  the line snaked the distance of a couple city blocks by the time the doors opened at 8:00. More throngs of people came in at the 9:00 regular opening. Seems to get busier and better attended  every 6 months - I wish they could share their secret with TCA's Eastern Division for the York meet, It is breaking my heart to see it shrink every 6 months.

Maybe the secret is the dealer's pricing? I got some absolutely fantastic deals. A PW Lionel Denver and Rio Grande 2376 F3 pair that I've been on the hunt for for over a year, and for only $350, less that half of what I saw them going for, in same or poorer condition, at the last two York meets.

I also bought a real nice American Flyer covered hopper for, sit down, only $10, and 2 link coupler American Flyer lighted cabeese - BOTH for $10.


I am one happy boy AND I have train bank finds left for York in 7 weeks or so


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Attended on Saturday.  First time in a long time I walked away without spending a cent, other than admission fee.  Don't get me wrong, I saw some items that I would like to have but since my permanent layout is still in the planning stage, and my attic is full, I couldn't see the need to buy right now.  

I stopped by North Penn O Gaugers and enjoyed seeing the layout.  Extremely well done.  

IMO, Allentown is the #1 train Meet in PA. Others might agree as it was heavily attended. It looked as though nearly 5,000 attendees were there and there were bargains galore. I picked up a number of band new box cars and rolling stock for $10 each. Bargains everywhere, a $10 admission, open to everyone, and only a little over an hours drive for us Central NJ collectors. My wife loves this show as she enjoys buying foods at the huge farmers market on the fairgrounds.  At over 90,000 sq ft  its the largest market in the NE and quite a place. As for train events you cant beat it. 

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It was a great show, and I picked up some nice swag. A Flyer S Gauge 302 Atlantic, fully rebuilt and serviced, for only $45 (I just had to convert the link coupler to a knuckle coupler when I got home), a Flyer 981 Central of Georgia box car for $150, and a Lionel pair of 2032 Erie Alco FA's for $145. 

Picture of the boxcar below. I will post the FA's and the Atlantic in other posts later. 


Frederick P. Kopetz

TCA 16-72005



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Much more crowded than usual.  Got into the forum picture, picked up some scenery items, no more room for rolling stock or locomotives.  The ho display of Strasburg was one of the best I have seen.  A great representation.  Drove over to the north penn open house, beautifully done.  Then drove over to hennings, I had never been there.  Picked up a few items.  Then the GPS wanted to take me to Philadelphia to get back to union county nj.  Ignored that, followed my instinct and made it home.  A full day to be sure.

Well I had a good train day on Saturday.  Started off with an excellent breakfast with a bunch of great guys.  Sold a loco and gave some items to John for repair.  Only had to wait a few minutes in line to get in.  Didn’t find most of the stuff that I was looking for, but some neat stuff found me.  Funny thing, most of the stuff I came home with, I could have got at Henning’s or got on line with free shipping.  I can’t agree that this is the best meet in PA, but I rank it as #2. I do agree with the crowds though.  Despite the nice wide aisles and the fact that vendors are inside their booth (not blocking aisles), there were times in the mid-morning when I felt like I was at Hamburg.  Then on the way home I visited the NPOG layout at Harry’s house.  They have made some nice changes.  The new turntable is fantastic and the scenery in the staging area is great.


This was my 30th consecutive Allentown Spring Thaw meet.  I always miss the First Frost meet because I'm hunting, fishing and hiking in West Virginia.    Anyway, There was no question that attendance was heavy and there was a lot of selling going on.  As I have just about everything I can handle I purchased only a few parts and a couple of Marx metal light standards in good working condition.  I did see a lot of good bargains and if i had the room i would have bought more.  Then why go one would ask?  Well I just love looking at trains and being around all the excitement at a train show. 

One observation I'd like to make since I've been going for such a long time.  I did notice a whole crop of new vendors this meet and the absence of some old timers as well.  The fact that the old timers were replaced with new vendors I think is a healthy sign.  Allentown is still a great meet but not in my opinion the best in Pennsylvania.  York still gets my vote by a long shot and I'm looking forward to attending the April meet in the worst way. 

We went Sunday.  Got there at 09 hundred.  No line.  Not as crowded as Saturday usually is.  Allentown is only $10.  York is ...getting more expensive.  Lots of vendors have cardboard signs, Half off!  I'm not taking these home.  Name your price. This time they were not kidding. I found what I was looking for.  Great price.  Mint in Box Polar Express Bluetooth.  However, The chuff is gerfarked.  I'm gonna try Lionel first.  Then I'll get the screw driver out.

Missed the O gauge layout though.


Regards, Bob

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I haven’t been there now since 2018 but I have dealer friends tell me it was a great show. As for the O Gauge Layout. The normal group The Lehigh Valley Hi-Railers which I am a member have decided to stop doing Shows as of last years first frost show. It is nice to hear we were missed but it was time for us to move on. Thanks for all of the compliments over the years. It was fun for all.





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