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This entire site is a “responsive” design. That’s how the view can change when you rotate from portrait to landscape.

As for the phone vs computer tangential discussion here, I’ll leave you with this. A phone for casual use of the web is fine. If all you are going to do is browse the web, get your email, use Faceplant or some other social media site, a phone is fine.

However, for more serious work, such as designing circuit boards, retouching images, manipulating a lot of data on a large spreadsheet, updating a web site, or any other work that demands a larger screen and more processing horsepower, then a phone simply is not going to work.

A couple of you have mentioned turning on your computer to browse the web or use this forum. My three computers (personal PC, OGR PC, and a MAC for video editing) have been turned on 24/7 for years!  I never turn them off. Solid state devices most often fail upon start-up. They don’t gradually wear out like old tube-type stuff did. So I leave them on all the time.

I don't think anyone has stated you can't access the forum using a phone, the issue is that it's much more cumbersome than using a computer and a real keyboard.  I learned to type as a teenager, and even at my advanced age, I can type far faster than most people could possibly enter text on the phone.

The issue was raised posting pictures, but that's a non-issue if you use freely available resources.  I use DropBox on my phone and computer, I just share the photo with DropBox and it magically appears on my computer where I can post it in the message.  I can also easily manipulate the graphic to crop, rotate, and fix exposure and color issues if necessary.

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EXACTLY.  Everyone complains that the younger generation isn't picking up the hobby.....but from what I've seen, both online (facebook) and at train shows, there is A LOT of renewed interest in o-scale and the hobby in general. I think the renewed interest is largely thanks to all the modern electronics and features.

Very well said.


I can type far faster than most people could possibly enter text on the phone.

You think your 10 digits can beat my two thumbs? Is that what you're saying?!

I think this thread has boiled down to you gotta have the right tool for the job in terms of phone vs laptop vs desktop and everything. I actually bought a slightly higher end phone so I could monitor my 3D printer from beyond the house. I usually buy low end smart phones. I wouldn't convert and STL into g-code on my phone but I do render g-code in 3D occasionally to double check for errors and whatnot. It's an ok tool for the job. I wouldn't write a novel on a forum on my phone but I will probably reply to a post.

Anyway, I like the forum. It's good. Think I'll stick around. Especially now that I got this fancy landscape trick in my pocket.

Like I mentioned earlier, turning my phone sideways to landscape does NOT show recent posts.

My phone does change to landscape but just makes everything a little bigger.

I have to manually change from the mobile site to the desktop version on my phone to see recent posts.

Others apparently are not having issues like that so it must be a setting within my device. I have an LG V7 with Android.


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