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Well after a couple fits and starts, I've finally progressed to the point where my severe kitbash to produce a PRR N5E cabin car is nearing completion. Only a few more exterior details plus the interior to finish. This project began as a bash of a Weaver NE caboose. In hindsight (which is surely 20-20) the body is 9 scale inches too long. I missed the chance to correct that when it was in pieces. There were a couple items that were done twice: locating the cupola and building the ends. But I am very pleased with how its turning out. A paint job and she'll really look good.


If I'm ever nuts enough to do this again, I think it will be finished with Malcolm-esque like speed!



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  • N5e model 1
  • N5e model 2
  • N5e model 3
  • N5e model 4
  • N5e model 5
  • N5e 477594 1945 bldrs photo
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Fantastic specimen! Can't wait to see it painted. Sometimes a kitbash is much more difficult than a scratch-build. I especially like the details on the ends and the "crash-posts", is that what they are called?


Good work!




PS: Don't do what I did Thursday. I was cleaning a brush in lacquer thinner, then the phone rang. I answered, came back, forgot the open jar and spilled it on 3 almost finished Union cabs! It was not pretty! After 2 days of double time I am back where I was with 6 new Union cabs.

Thanks Matt. Although it will take a sharper photo of the cabin's end to see, one tip I find particularly enjoyable is the manner I replicate a fastening bolt on grab bars:


On the prototype, the horizontal bars across the end collision posts are tubing that is flattened at the ends so it can be bolted to the vertical members. I used the smallest nail set I could find that has an indent similar to a #15-17 gauge brad nail. I placed the nail set on the .028 brass wire and tapped it with a hammer, creating a raised dimple surrounded by flattened area. It now looks like there's a bolt head on the bar.


I'll have to post another closeup to see it.


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