Almost Out Of Floquil Paints...Tell Me About Scalecoat Paints and How You Use Them.

I have never used any other paint other than Floquil with one exception. I tried Poly S once and didn't like it. I hear Scalecoat and Scalecoat II are good paints. I use an air brush. Any help and tips? Thank you. Don

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Scalecoat II has better drying properties than regular Scalecoat and doesn’t need to be baked, so it’s better for use on plastic.  With Floquil, you had to be cautious that it didn’t craze plastic. Also, there is another brand out there that is acetone based (Floquil was based on toluol) that is pretty good too. I believe it’s called true-color, and it comes in both sprayable and brushable formulas. So far, I’ve had good results with it, but I’m not fond of its plastic bottles rather than glass.

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There were three different formulations of Floquil. The earliest that used Dio Sol thinner was most likely to attack plastics. The last formula could be used safely on most plastics.

Tru Color has a small amount of acetone in its thinner but its only about 5%. Acetone is recommended to clean your tools but not to be used as a thinner.

I have only used Scalecoat a few times. I have transistioned to Tru Color. It still requires a learning curve if you have only used Floquil but will give good results if you use their thinner. Most of the time I just use common lacquer thinner. Its OK  to use on primed plastics or previously painted plastic. Don't use on raw styrene.


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I like Scalecoat paints very much and have had good results with a first coat of primer. I have only used their paint in a spray can but the coat spreads evenly and seems durable. I would recommend it. 






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