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i just purchase a CB&Q F-3 new but one made in 2015. It is a great looking and running locomotive. However, I did notice that it doesn’t have an interior light. It has TMCC and I want to know if there is anyway to add an interior light and control it? Anyone who knows more about this please let me know. The second thing is the smoke output is weak. I reworked it and it is still week. I notice that it had a ceramic resistor and want to know if there is a way I can change it out with a different one?

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Well, since it has smoke, that uses up the typical control used for the cab light.  I made myself a module to do automatic cab light control among other things.  I also use this module to add Rule-17 lighting.


Here's what's "in the box" so to speak, this is the circuit I use.

Locomotive Motion Sensor, Rev. 3 Schematic

Here's a typical application for a diesel, this gives you automatic cab light control, Rule-17 lighting, and smoke intensity control, lower smoke intensity when stopped.

Locomotive Motion Sensor Sample Application


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  • Locomotive Motion Sensor, Rev. 3 Schematic
  • Locomotive Motion Sensor Sample Application

Well, this is really a solution for someone that want's to get "down and dirty" as there is a fair amount of wiring.  A while back I assembled some kits of this board for sale, but I haven't done that lately.  Of course, there's all the wiring outside the board as well.

I actually built much of the circuitry into another board, obviously larger than that one, it was designed specifically for diesel applications.  I've used a couple of these, but I don't have any currently assembled to show an actual picture, so here's the 3D rendering and the schematic.

Diesel Smoke Intensity Controller [SMT Version) Schematic


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  • Diesel Smoke Intensity Controller (SMT Version) Schematic

Thank you for the reply.   You answered my question in that this is something I would not take on myself and would be interested in doing at a later point. 

I actually just purchased the 9962A last night so will would consider this for the 9962A and C as I do like this feature if having the interior lights. 

Again thank you for the quick response.

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