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I wasn't familiar with AMW until I walked past their booth at the Oct York meet.  I was impressed by what I saw.  I don't have any experience building wood structure kits, but this small freight station caught my eye as a structure that would be a good first experience.  Besides, this gem is small enough to find a place next to my tracks.

Barnards Station Assembly Manual 

I finally had time to assemble it over the past several weekends.  I was impressed by the quality of the laser cut parts and it was fun build.  I'm pleased by the final result, here are the pics:


The platform is sold separately. Neither is listed on the AMW website so I would call them if you are interested in this structure - I highly recommend it!.  This won't be my last AMW kit!


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  • Barnards Station Assembly Manual
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For someone with no experience. Looks like you did an outstanding job. The new laser cut wood kits go together nicely. Pretty much like a plastic kit the way everything fits. I admire those that can paint plastic to look like wood. When I model anything wood I prefer to do it with wood. The only concern is just make sure everything is well braced to prevent warpage.

All, Thanks for the likes and the replies.  Much credit goes to AMW for offering such a fun little structure and making it easy for novice wood-kit builders.   

CO Hirailer, the structure does have a prototype.  As you can see the instruction manual includes a photo of it on the cover page.  I think the writing on the photo indicates the location, but the words are too blurry for me to read it.  I don't think this is a Pennsy prototype, but with the right color scheme I think this structure could fit in with any road.   I chose a weathered gray wash (with streaks of brown) for the platform.  I used the same weathered gray as a base for the structure and used a white wash over the top of that for the walls and a sage green wash for the trim.  It follows no particular prototype but fits right in on my generic RR.

Scott you did a great job. AME produces excellent products and are very helpful. We like their kits.

There are a number of sources for nice kits. We learned the most from Brett Gallant at Sierra West Scale Models.

We bought a simple shed and he had detailed instructions about weathering, etc that were fantabulous. Hands down the best for our use and we have made kits by  a lot of extremely talented people.

Best of luck with your next build.

Hi Bob, thanks for the additional info.  I did google it and found the photos you mentioned.  Fun to find clear pictures of the prototype.  It looks like it was used as a whistle stop.   The model on the wood platform looks like a structure that could have been used for milk can transfer.  The model includes signage for such.  I plan to detail the platform with milk cans and maybe small crates.  I can see it with a reefer spotted next to it.  

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