MTH has a number of gondolas carrying a switch or a crossover like the one pictured. I always thought this was just toy train fancy. The other day while driving US 23 in Ohio along the NS tracks I thought I saw a gondola carrying what looked like a turnout, but my view was partly obstructed by trees and I was driving 60 MPH. What might have I seen?s-l640


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I can't vouch for your sanity, but I've seen gondolas with panel track components inside, including turnout sections. Sadly, camera wasn't at the ready.

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I've seen racks, but not with track. I assumed they were for large plate metals.  My buddy said he saw a switch stood sideways, and I blew it off with "Nah; that it would never fit". πŸ˜‘ 🀐

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I can't believe I missed it by that much.

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SantaFe158 posted:

It's not a gondola, but this passed by us at work a couple weeks ago.  It was pretty impressive seeing an entire switch roll by in a train.


Aren't these the old Roco's?  Where are the funny, short rail joiners that are supposed to go between the two sections of the switch but always get lost?

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LOTS of money sitting in those pre-fab switches. (Last I heard was something like $30k to $60k for a switch kit.) Those pre-fabs are very helpful for a shoo-fly around a derailment or replacing an entire switch in a yard, etc.

Many times I've also seen a switch kit assembled beside the switch they're going to replace, and when the switch is assembled, the hustle is on to remove the old switch and cut-in the new one. I've also had to wait just short of the stop signal/derail protection for the MOW to finishing tying-in the new switch before I can pass over it with my train. Lots happening on an active/busy railroad.


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