American coal trains

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Click on the triangle for a video.  Turn the volume up.  

With all those locomotives lashed up, Mike, I expected they would be pulling at least 100 coal csrs.

The consist in the video is as the Pittsburg Shawmut railroad hauled coal.  The GP7 was a Pennsylvania RR hand-me-down and did not consist well with the SW9's, always used as the lead locomotive.   All models are Atlas. Red, White, and Blue are custom paints.  Weaver had done both 100 ton hoppers and 70 ton hoppers.  55 ton hoppers are Atlas.  I used dry transfers on many of these hoppers before some of the Weaver models were available. 

55 ton diecast  Atlas hopper.  They were purchased un-decorated. 

Here's my coal-drag, coming thru on the left, there, on Mainline#3, being IMG_1193IMG_1181pulled by a scale Lionel "Turbine" locomotive...

Believe me, when all those scale Lionel steam locomotives rumble around the layout during the same operating  session, they make a wonderful, noisy (except for the Turbine, of course), smokin',wwand racket.


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