I was given an American Flyer #1218 set today, I wasn't aware AF produced O gauge Trains. I tested it out on my O gauge Track and it runs pretty good. With a little TLC I think it will run great. When I got it I thought I might sell it on E-bay but after I ran it on my layout next to my Lionel 259's and 261 I think I will keep it. It looks pretty neat with my Lionel Tin Plate collection and is in very good shape, except for a missing roof on the Seattle car. I think a good cleaning will make my new American Flyer a nice addition to to my collection...Does anyone have a spare roof for sale???? Any suggestions on cleaning???? The graphics are really great, hardly any scratches... I would hate to over clean them with something that is to strong.





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I think roofs were reproduced. Someone like Mr. Trickle would know. And Papa Eastman on this forum would certainly know.


Just clean with a damp rag. wipe and rotate the rag often.  The black paint is robust on these generally.  Be careful wiping.... the sheet metal can be sharp from the die cutting.

Prewar Tin...Any maker, any gauge, anytime!

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