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I picked up an American Flyer 401 2-4-4 O Gauge Locomotive,  but I am having trouble finding any information out about this item.

The reason I am looking is because it will not move.

I got the headlight working, it was just a loose bulb.

It has a E-Unit in the back, but no matter where I put the lever, it does not move.  If I put the lever straight up, the lever does not move in and out like it does when the lever is not straight up.  So I figured maybe that is neutral.

The gears seem to be okay and the wheels move okay.

If you have some information or suggestions, please share them.

Thanks for taking a look, Ron.

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El Classico posted:

Just hardware the bugger.


As you might have noticed from my posts English is not my native language; I use Google translate a lot. Your advice: "Just hardware the bugger." however does not give an understandable sentence in my language (Dutch). I assume the original poster Ron knows what you mean but I am just curious, could you please explain?



atlayank posted:

Thank you for the information gentlemen I appreciate it. 

I will take a look at the drum tonight and see if it is turning Fred. 

I believe El Classico means to hard wire the unit. 

Does anyone have a diagram for the unit?

 Thanks, Ron. 

Yes I did. Hardwiring the Type XX engines is similar to doing so on a Lionel or Marx unit, except that the coil for the stationary field is grounded; instead of attaching the wire from the spoons to the field, it goes to one of the brush wells, with the other coming out of the stationary field.

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