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I have and American Flyer comet 375 b unit that's not working. I'm new with this so I will probably be asking a couple of stupid questions! The unit is not making any sound at all, is there a button I need for this? If not where do I start checking? I have the service manual explaining things but it cover's the 471 unit with diagrams but is it the same as the 475? The diesel sound generator looks different. is this a whistle or roar unit?

Diesel Repair_1Diesel Repair_2 I have attached 2 pictures below, any advice would be appreciated Thank You


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  • Diesel Repair_2
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If you are getting no sound at all....You should hear a hum from the speaker when on the track. No diesel roar from that engine, I would look for a broken wire connection first.

The picture doesn’t show it having a roar unit, so the poster has to go and find a tube and base unit. Hopefully the tube will work otherwise it will need cutting into and cleaning up the contacts.

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