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Lionel L/AF produced diesel trucks similar to latter ACGs but with replaceable bushings (what goes around eventually comes around).  Those bushings however are now quite hard to find.  Early ACG trucks did have replaceable bushings which you can still purchase, but they were of the smaller Gilbert diesel motor  -- smaller armature and field and predated pull-more - found primarily on 370 and 360.  Latter ACG trucks need to have their axle holes enlarged, bushings inserted, and then the bushings drilled (#14 on one side, #19 on the other).  It takes great care to get it right.  If off by the slightest amount that truck becomes recycling fodder.    

Dave is right, to try and use something like a pillar drill and get it right is probably more luck than judgement and there isn’t much wriggle room to play with.

A good machine shop can do the job but you would need to provide the correct data on where a new bush needs to be and where the new axle holes have to be machined to get the correct mesh on gear wheel and armature worm.

This has been my life saver for later diesel chassis and it has never let me down. Even used it on Lionel chassis.



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I have the bushings......but as stated you cannot use a drill press or portable drill as they are not very accurate, You need to have a milling machine and a jig for accuracy otherwise the axles will not work properly. I can either do a swap of chassis with a chassis that has been rebushed or sell you the bushings.

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As commented above. The going rate for milling, then adding bushings, new axles and gears is about $45/powered truck for a PA diesel. Shipping costs are extra. It is the owners decision if the cost is worth it.

It is worth it as you end up with a very smooth low amp engine. Far better running than any that left the New Haven factory. IMHO, as I do my own.


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