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Around 2014 Lionel offered an O gauge Nickel Plate Berkshire that came with the single headlight installed and a second boiler front with the Mars light installed. It required some tricky "surgery" to remove the boiler front, remove the headlight, insert the headlight into the second boiler front, reinstall the Mars light boiler front, and connect/reconnect the wires tucked into the boiler. Lionel was supposed to explain how this was done, but Eric's Trains posted a Youtube video showing how do do it properly. Eric's Trains Mars Light Installation

I doubt the S gauge version would include a second boiler face, so I'm hopeful that Dave Olson was referring to a Nickel Plate #765 complete with the warning light. That light made quite an impression on a 10-year old kid when those locomotives were running at night--especially on a foggy night.

Any update from Dave on the apparently missing Kadee mounting pads? Wonder what other changes were made? I was told a year ago by a knowledgeable member of the NASG that there were several changes made and we would not be getting the model as previously described by Dave. Time will tell I guess as they are supposed to ship in Sept. Anyone want to buy my Erie if it doesn't live up to the original billing?

I hope you have better luck with yours then I am having with my six Flyerchief versions! I just got three back from Lionel (sent back in February) two work fine the third has a loose pilot wheel axle.

They had to replace a complete frame on one and trailng truck assemblys on two. The three all required new boards. I hope my American Models pacific engines come in soon.


I called the Concord mall store last week and he told me he could have RP&P Legacy Birk in the store in 4 days if wanted to order it. (They were in the warehouse located at a different location.)  Since I had order one thru the Rail yard in Roanoke VA.  I decided to wait and get it thru the Rail Road.............I,m still waiting..#$@%$#@


So Kids(😉), Who will be the first to post pictures, videos, a review, Or all three, of the new S Scale/gauge Lionel American Flyer Legacy Berkshire steam Engine? The dream comes True!!

This has to be one of the most anticipated S .gauge releases ever, especially since the demise of MTH(S Helper/Showcase Line)! Now we can only cross our cumulative fingers And hope it is a signal of things to come(listen up American Models) and Not the sunsetting on S gauge......  🤞🤞🤞



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