Does anyone have the original record that came with the AF Mystic Station and can make a digital file (.wav or .mp3) of the eastbound announcement.  I have the westbound announcement but would also like the eastbound version.  If you are able to provide this to me, I will send you a digital sound unit that you can use to put in the station that can play both the westbound or eastbound announcements.


John Festa 305-361-3043 (TCA 77-11520)



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There are .WAV files for four different Talking Station announcements on the rfgco.com website. I think this is all that Gilbert made. They can be downloaded for free. At the top of their home page there is a tab called Manuals-Literature, they are in that list.


Thanks Tom.  I also just listened to all of the announcements and you are correct that the one I am looking for is not there.  The one below is the westbound steam announcement for the Mystic Station, which I already have. I think the only way I will get the eastbound announcement is to have someone record the other side of the westbound announcement. Someone tried and sent it to me, but  unfortunately the record was scratched and therefore the announcement was not usable.

Talking Station Sound Track, WAV File

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