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This is the Bluebird set, circa 1928-1928.  The locomotive is 3113.  Obviously missing some trim pieces.  The wheels look great.  I put it on the track and turned what I believe is the reversing switch.  The locomotive tried to run.  I didn't go any further into it as I am not a prewar AF guy and it looks like you have to undo the tabs on the locomotive to get at the motor  There are three cars.  It is a very colorful set.  Obviously been well played with (hopefully lovingly) and needs cleaning up.  But I think all the parts are there

Price is $75 plus shipping.

If interested, please contact me using the email listed in my profile.


DonAF3113AF RPOAF CoachAF Observation


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  • AF3113
  • AF RPO
  • AF Coach
  • AF Observation
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