I was looking over the list produced by Nassau Hobby about the Lionel product "On the Water" and noticed that the 6-49064 NH Railsounds boxcar was one of the items being shipped.

I went to the Charles Ro site and while they said that item would be arriving around 8/10/15 I was surprised to see that Ro lists the 6-49065 UP Railsounds boxcar as being "In Stock".

I didn't realize they had been shipped.

The NH car is supposed to produce EMD F and GP sounds with a dual single chime horn. (see

The UP car is supposed to produce a GE  prime mover sound with a 5 chime horn. (see


I ordered the NH car as I plan to run it with my varied SHS (soundless) switchers which are all EMD products.

My question is has anyone received the UP car yet? 

If so could you please post some pictures and/or video?

I'd like to hear how good the sounds are coming from these cars.

Oh Yeah...I broke down and ordered the PE set too.

My CC is melted!





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Originally Posted by NotInWI:
Is it safe to assume that one can just swap out boxcar shells if a different road name is preferred?


Well until someone has one in hand we would be guessing about that. I think the railsounds board has a built in antenna. If so, and there is no type of add on wire antenna attached to the shell, it is plausible that the shell could be traded for another one of like size.

I'm betting all components are attached to the chassis but again we'll have to wait and see.





I am in need of a Rail Sounds replacement board for my Flyer Berkshire Polar express engine from 2017. I accidentaly shorted it out and would love to replace it and get the engine operating properly again.Can someone tell me where to get one. The only number I see on it is 6-49632(84) or  AF142_RX-2

Go to and select the "support" button. Enter the model # 6-49632. If they offer the board it will come up in the parts list. As info if you go to this page Lionel offers all the sound clips on the board for you to hear. I suspect that you will only be able to get the AF "Polar Express" Sound board directly from Lionel if available. The parts page isn't coming up on my computer at the moment for some reason.


richabr posted:


Says to contact Lionel. Priced @ $55. Looks like only one board offered so it must be sound and control together.


That sounds about right. Lionel usually will only sell boards like that when you "trade in" the bad board. That way they sort of prevent someone from just making their own FlyerChief engine so to speak. I remember I had an O gauge Thomas the train engine board shoot craps. The old board had to be sent in to Lionel. I'm not even sure they will sell them to just anybody. You might need to be an "authorized" Lionel repair shop. 

A phone call will give the OP all the info he needs. I still can't access the parts page!


Thanks Charlie! The Erie car is the one I needed and at $99.99 the price is right! Ordered.

One question. You offer all 4 cars GN 6-48870, Erie 6-48871,  NH 6-49064 and UP 6-49065. The first 3 are right at $100.00 ea. but the UP car is $28.00 higher. Any reason for that?


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