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I've been dragging out and testing things that haven't seen the light of day for decades.  The latest is my Lionel/Flyer Silver Flash set, circa 1995.  The boxed set consisted of the PA1, Non-powered PB1, Combine, Coach and Observation.  It's my second favorite Flyer set after the C&O passenger set.

A Vista Dome, additional Non-powered PA1 and PB-1 were offered for separate sale.  I only bought the Vista Dome because I felt that four locomotives for a four car passenger set was overkill.  One thing I did do was pick up a spare Missouri Pacific RailSounds B-unit and swapped bodies to give the Silver Flash sounds, such as they are.

GPG 012222 [1)

The last time I ran this set was at S-Fest in Matteson, IL way back in 1997, so I wondered how the locomotive would fare.  Well, outside of needing an aggressive wheel cleaning (Talk about sparky stuff!) it ran just fine.  Not bad for being idle for 25 years. (Yikes!!!)  I can get pretty good operation using my Z1000 transformer, but it is still a little crude running by today's standards.

GPG 012222 [3)GPG 012222 [5)GPG 012222 [7)

One disappointment for me was Lionel never followed up with a diner and full baggage for this set, it would have been nice to have a couple extra cars.



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Sharp set! In case folks are interested, the entire Lionel/AF consist is:

1. (48126/48127) Silver Flash AB 477/478 w/Horn in B unit, 95

2. (48128) Silver Flash B 480 Dummy, 95

3. (48129) Silver Flash A 479 Dummy, 95

4. American Flyer Lines Chestnut band-silver/black, 95
(48938) 960 Columbus Combination
(48939) 961 Jefferson Coach
(48940) 963 Washington Observation
(48942) AFL 962 Hamilton Vista Dome, 96

I owned most of one of these sets until I sold it to help pay for a LN/OBs/SB Gilbert original K5469WT Silver Flash which includes the most scarce 3-digit production Gilbert passenger car, the No. 961 Chestnut stripe coach. Like most all near-new Gilbert ALCO sets, it is a very smooth runner. A 1954 K5418T Black Diamond Steam Passenger set with chestnut stripe cars is above it. Love those chestnut stripe streamliners!

Silver Flash 5469WT

Thanks for the memories!



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