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I have a few AF cast clockwork engines like the AF10. Somehow I lost the one windup key I had during my move.  I've tried Ebay,  Facebook AF and clockwork groups  and online trying to find a replacement key with no luck. On Ebay looked at buying another engine to get a key. Problem is most engines that have a key are over $100.  Tried various coupling nuts at hardware stores, but none have the correct thread.  Any help of finding a correct key or maybe someone willing to part with one? Thanks.

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Hi Bill ... these are just standard square shaft clockworks yes ?

( apologies if you mean a screw in key like on Hafner etc but my AF10 is a std square shaft ??? In that case I would summon James to the thread @WindupGuy   He might have an idea on size and pitch )

If so there is a cheap easy one (or two ) keys fits all

Clockmakers spider or "Universal clock winding keys "

A set of two will most likely fit anything you might use wind up wise

If you prefer the old fashioned look you can also get them in this form

Of course feel free to do a search using terms from the above , you might even find cheaper versions .. but still WELL under what you have been quoted

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The key you need is an 8-32 female thread. Doug Peck at Portlines hobby list it as sku# 2701, but out of stock. I would try calling Mr. Henning's and Doug Peck. Until you can locate one Google 8-32 female couplings. Lots available. Screw on the coupling and wind with a socket or wrench.


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