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I decided to purchase an American Models Diesel Sound Boxcar. It's a 50 ft. boxcar; it scales out, but looks bigger than I expected. I have a couple K-line boxcars that also look big, but coupled together don't look so oversize.

I think the sound is pretty good, and sounds very good at idle. The "ramp up" is adjustable to come in when you want it to; recommended is at about 50% power. The horn and bell are accetable, but not as good as on my Lionel AF U33.

Bottom line: I now have diesel sounds with any of my vintage diesels or my AM Trainmaster for a cost less than $100 after subtracting the cost of theboxcar.

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It looks long because the AM 50’ cars are models of early 50’ cars that were not as tall as more modern cars. The picture below shows the AM PRR 50’ car coupled to an AM PRR 40’ car.

I purchased an assortment of more modern cars by SSA to run behind the more modern engines like ES44Ac’s and SD70ACe’s. These cars are a lot taller and look different, such as the 53’ Ralston Purina car shown coupled to a Lionel AF 40’ car. The SSA cars are fantastic and cost no more that AM or Lionel AF cars.




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