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I have just removed the shell of a AM GG1 as there seemed to be something rattling around inside. The shaft from the motor to the truck had dropped out on one side. It looks like the reason is because the motor has become partially detached from the double sided tape, I guess after so many years the tape mounting deteriates. 

How many others have come across the same situation and is there a more permanent solution instead of using another piece of double sided tape. It seems that the motor doesn't have to move much before one of the shafts drops out.

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That happened to mine, also.  I thought I had some split gears when I tried to run it after several years in the box. 

I just pressed the motor back onto the tape and everything's fine so far.

Flex-Seal or Flex-Glue, the handyman in a can?   Some of the HO folks use RTV.

I suppose one could make a bracket or maybe drill a couple of holes and use zip-ties.  Also, I'm told that the servo tape the flying aircraft folks use is super strong.


I did try to press the motor back down and it decided to just lift up again. I didn't want to look at using tape again, it just conjures up visions of a 'live' motor shifting around again at a later date. When it lifts up the flywheel is rubbing on one of the components on the board, so I can't run it like this.

I have thought like you about making a metal strap and drilling a couple of holes and using a nut and bolt but I was waiting to see if anyone else had done something similar or have another solution.


The E8's and Train Masters for sure, the fuel tanks have a slot for the tie.  The RS-11's do not have a cable tie.  As far as I know, none of the other diesels have a cable tie.  The U25B's are unique in they have a plastic bracket to hold the motor.  Pretty sure all the steam locomotives also have a cable tie.


Thanks for the update re the tie and tape method used.

I have put it away for the time being now and will have a closer look later. What I also noticed was that the motor shaft/UJ is higher than the gearbox/UJ and that the motors double sided tape is quite thick. I am thinking that I might use a thinner rubber base for the motor to sit on in order to get the two UJ's closer to alignment. I know UJ's can work to transmit power when shafts are not in alignment but i would rather get them as close as possible to help minimise future problems. I would then make the bracket to clamp over the top and secure it to the base. I will also put a thin piece of rubber between the motor and bracket to reduce vibration and to also keep it fixed in position.

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