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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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Slowly making some progress on my American OO layout.  This is not UK stuff on HO track, but USA prototypes running on correct 19mm gauge OO track.   Right now I have a single loop of Gargraves 3 rail track with 42" dia curves going around my 4x7 table.  I have a small portable table top that has a basic loop of original Lionel 3 rail track on it that goes to shows.  Eventually it will have a proper base to set on with tunnel portals.  I plan to add a 2nd loop of Gargraves, which I will have to custom bend the curves to fit inside of the outer loop.  If I can find someone to custom build me some switches, I want to put a Sunoco tank farm/refinery at the right side of the layout.   I also plan to make shorter height posts for my Pride Lines canopy to make it fit in a bit better. (need a nice tinplate station that fits in as well).  The outer loop will feature my Lionel Hudson with the aftermarket 7 pole AC motor in it.  The future inner loop will feature my 1938 freight set.  I am always looking for Lionel and other vintage brands of OO trains to add to the layout.  AD

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Here is the pic of the motor.  I got the Hudson this way as a parts engine, the floor of the cab has been ground away leaving only the back edge where the drawbar pin goes in.  Even on 42" diameter, anything less that perfect flat causes the rear trailing truck wheel to hit the spinning commutator on the motor!  Attached below is a picture of that motor.   Yes, Gargraves still makes the 3 foot flex track sections in both 3 and 2 rail, along with prebent, wood tie curves for 42, 54 and 72 inch diameter curves in both 2 and 3 rail.  What we Lack is matching switches to go with the track, especially 3 rail.   309643064_859413265062164_4487086989004952759_n


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No pics yet, but I spent a couple enjoyable hours this evening building a Scale Craft diecast metal stock car. Had surgery this past Monday, so I cannot do a whole lot, kits like this keep my mind busy.   I need to order some replacement truck bolsters off Shapeways to replace the shrunken ones in the kit that wont let the trucks roll(common issue with these).  I should have the car nearly ready for paint tomorrow.  Pics coming soon.  I also rewired my Scale Craft 4-6-0 that was incorrectly wired, causing its motor to run very hot. The field needs to be wired in series and not parallel.  It will run the other way, but slow and get very hot.  AD

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