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I received half a dozen Ameritown building fronts for Christmas. The intent is to connect them together for a city backdrop. However, when I cut them free of the shrinkwrap, I found 5 of them have a slight bow top to bottom. The top bows out. What is the best way to get them flat so they stay that way? It's not a lot, but it's noticeable to me.



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In my opinion, here's what might work. Take a 1/4-inch square basswood strip cut to whatever length will not interfere with attachment of the side walls. Use styrene cement to glue it to the inside of the wall at a height above the upper level windows. Use weights or clamps to force the wall firmly into contact with the straight basswood strip. Protect the outside bricks with 1/16-inch or 1/8-inch wood strips if you use clamps. If you use weights, do this on a flat surface and make sure the assembly remains perfectly flat until the glue dries. Styrene cement (in a tube) forms a strong bond between styrene and basswood. Try this on one section first and see how it turns out.




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If you intend on attaching sides - I normally attach 1 inch 3/16 thick hardboard with super glue -  the bow will disappear. If you are making a row of fronts simply cut an OGR blank wall into the strips for the two ends of the row (I use Plastruct Plastic Weld).

If not try Melgar's method - just make sure as Melgar says to clamp and leave over night and make sure the wood is thick enough so it stays straight and does not conform to the bow in the wall.

I just read an article in an old Model RR magazine in which the author wanted to deliberately curve a Magnuson wall (not sure if it is the same kind of plastic as OGR). He did so by placing the wall in a pot of hot water - just short of boiling and forming by hand. You can try the opposite by placing the part of the OGR wall with the bow in the water then put it on a flat surface and place a brick or barbell weight on top of it.


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