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Good morning Group.  I am searching for a replacement headlight for this unit.  The part number, according to the manual is CG0000009.  The headlight consists of two 6V, clear, grain of wheat bulbs attached to a single plug in connector.  This part does not come up on any MTH searches.  Does anyone know if there is a part that has subseded this?

Thank you.

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I believe that particular Genesis had Protosound 1 and came out in 1998 which would make it 25 yrs old, so it’s pretty dated and the part number to which you refer may very well have been superceded by another one.  Hopefully the likes of Gunrunnerjohn or GGG or someone else proficient in repairing MTH engines will be able to assist you.  That said, at the moment you are not able to communicate directly with MTH Parts and Service due to the fact they are currently relocating.

Good Luck!

Are you sure those are 6V bulbs?  The actual headlight of the 1998 Genesis is a single 1.5V bulb as it's powered directly from the directional headlight output of the PS/1 board set.  The dual bulb assemblies are used for the other lighting and powered by a CV board.

You can download the parts guides for older MTH products here:

@John H posted:

Like John says. I thought the 6 volt bulbs showed up in PS2.

PS/1 had plenty of 6V bulbs, but they were all powered by an aux power supply.  The raw directional headlight is a 1.5V bulb.  Some diesels had a special board that actually took the 1.5V from the PS/1 board and used an opto-coupler to switch their standard 6V bulb, but apparently the PS/1 Genesis just used a 1.5V bulb directly for the headlight.

For PS-1 The Genesis use 2 2 position 6V CV boards but I thought that was for Interior, and number boards.  Can really remember but I think you have a large center light to.

Regardless of the instructions you need to follow the HL plug to were it goes.  If it goes to the CV it is 6V bulbs, if it goes to the PS-1 board blue connector they are 1.5V and diesel did use double 1.5V bulbs.

Some diesel that had the complex CV board like the F-3 and E-8 and many others used 6V bulb but the HL was triggered off the PS-1 board for directional control.  Everything else on with track power.  G

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