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What are the appropriate colors for the interior of an Amtrak Heritage Coach in Ph 3 livery circa the late 1980s/early 1990s?

I’ve found some interior pictures, but none of these have any indication of their time period. 

I’ve read that early interiors had light blue seats, paisley white covers over the top of the seat back, and light grey or beige walls. Also red that Amtrak changed to brown seats and earth tones, etc… in the late 70s/early 80s.

The recent Lionel Amtrak Phase 3 heritage passenger cars don’t have finished interiors. Nice thing is that it is SUPER EASY to remove the interior to paint to one’s liking.  

So far I’ve sprayed the interior a matte, dark gray & clear coated the whole interior. Have done some samples of blue paints for the seats & beige sides just to see how it’s look. I did so assuming that it was likely Amtrak would’ve revamped the interiors to match their Amfleets- but it was just a guess. See pics below:

there’s a couple shades of blue below- would any of those have been the seat colors?


Any and all help/advice is very, very greatly appreciated!!


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1BAC1B7B-53C7-423B-B228-53506A5B49FA91F13198-CDDC-4CFD-BDB7-F15AFF720BFA4BF51614-BC96-46C3-905C-59578EFC73E3I’ve been slowly painting the interiors of my Phase III Superliners from MTH with dark blue seats and white arm rests and backs. It seems to be the most common color combo I could find pics of and it also what I remember riding on way back when as a kid.
I start by laying down a base of white and then add the blue. I chose to leave most of the cars flooring and walls the tan that it came in from the factory to keep the interior from getting too dark. It is also hard to see the floor in all but the lounge car. Have fun with your project!

BTW, if you Google “2019 Amtrak ski train lounge car photo” you will get an Amtrak publicity photo that shows the blue and white interior.


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Thank you all so much for your help! That was extremely helpful information- just the stuff for which I was searching. These days we know when Amtrak will be getting rid of x amount of type A passenger cars,Type B baggage car, etc… and what will be replacing them, how many replacement units, and their roll out plan.

It’s so, so difficult for me to see an Amtrak interior as anything other than grays, blues & some green. Recently I took the Crescent on a short trip across VA in Coach class on an Amfleet 1. Back in 02 & 03, When I was 11 & 12, I was in a Viewliner bedroom( blue couch, gray sink counter, green plastic shower/toilet/bathroom) on the Silver Meteor from 30th street station to FL in 2002 and 2003 and in 2005 in a roomette from FL to Philly. I just remember a lot of blue and gray. I remember going to the club car, there was some tan at the booths but don’t recall much else. All that said, despite the 70s/80s brown likely being more likely, I think I’m going with the blue/gray interior.

will update if anything significant happens! Thanks again!

This USA Today article has some great photos of vintage Amtrak interiors.  The last photo shows the standard Phase III interior for the Amfleet cars. 

Out of the Amtrak archives, here is an Amfleet Food Service car interior.

When I was riding Amtrak in the late 80's these colors were pretty consistent across the fleet with some minor variations here and there. 

I have the same set of Phase III Lionel cars and need to do some interior improvements to them as well someday.  I will probably paint to match my GGD Amfleet cars.

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