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I'm new to the forum, just returning to the hobby after many, many years away. This Christmas, my wife surprised me with a Lionel 15100 Amtrak Passenger Car. Now I'm on a quest to fill out the entire series. We just acquired a 15107 Full Vista Passenger Car and a 8667 Alco B-Unit (non powered). I'm keeping an eye out for Lionel set 11748 which includes:
• 8936 Alco A unit,
• 16095 combo,
• 16096 vista dome (smaller Vista Dome than 15107),
• 16097 observation.

My question is, does anyone know of any other Amtrak cars that go with this series? The series is distinguished from a number of other Lionel Amtrak offerings in that this set uses what Amtrak calls a Phase III paint motif.

Any help appreciated.

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I believe they made two of the small domed vista domes (one came in the set you've mentioned, and one was separate sale) and a 16098 coach car. The 16098 and the 15100 were named Danbury and Temple I think, though I don't know which is which off the top of my head. The dummy A unit you've recently acquired seems to be the hardest piece of the group to find, or perhaps I just wasn't lucky for some time.

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Thanks for the info. Unfortuantely, the 15107 fell thru so I'm still at the start of aquiring the rest of the set. I'm guessing that there is no non powered B unit which might have been nice. I don't know what the motive capacity of the 8936 is but I'm hoping to put enough cars on it to make for a satisfyingly long train.
According to my Standard Catalog of Lionel Trains 1970-2000, the following are listed with Phase III paint:

15100 Amtrak Coach, 95-97
15107 Amtrak Full-Length Vista Dome, 96
16013 Amtrak Combine, 88-89
16048 Amtrak Diner, 91-92
16095 Amtrak Combine, 95
16096 Amtrak Vista Dome, 95
16097 Amtrak Observation, 95
16098 Amtrak Coach, 95-97
16099 Amtrak Vista Dome, 95-97
I know my Amtrak engine out of this set will pull 5 of the cars and it sure acts like it can do lots more. I haven't tried the train out with the dummy engine in tow yet. That will likely more drag than a car.

While not in the same paint scheme, Lionel made an Amtrak baggage car that fits in nicely with these cars. I think the number was 16033.

J White
Thanks to all you guys for the information. I've found pictures of the cars I didn't know about and interestingly, one has no matching paint (16028) and one has the later Phase IV paint (16013). Also, I came across a box car with the Phase III paint (71998) which could fit in.

It's been over twenty years since I had the Lionels out for my son; now its all new again with my grandson. I can't believe the wealth of information and the fantastic resources like this forum out on the web. Thanks guys.

One last note, the reference to the Bloomingsdale set - I'm guessing uncataloged means there's no model number for the "59th and Lexington" car. But you can believe I'll keep my eye out.

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