An electrical “smell”. Should I be concerned?

No, it is not hot nor Smokey. It is what I call the “ozone” smell. I used to have an old drill that sparked and gave off that same odor - not entirely unpleasant. 

Now my transformer on which I run either a trolley or gang car, both from the 1950’s, gives off that odor after several minutes of use. 

What I mean is that the smell occurs when that particular transformer and track are being used not necessarily that the smell is eminating from the transformer itself. 

Any idea what is cause the odor? Is it a serious problem and, if so, how do I eliminate it? Thanks!!!

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Probably pretty normal, the brushes sparking (normal) in the AC motors in those units is where the smell comes from.  If the smell is coming from the transformer itself, I'd probably consider looking to see if there's a problem, normally they don't emit much ozone unless something is arcing inside.

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