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Most 10 amp meters are likely to have the shunt inside them.  The current being measured goes directly through the meter itself.  My diagram above illustrates the connections that correspond to this situation.

Most 100 amp (and above) meters would likely connect to an external shunt resistor.  In this case the current being measured would flow through the shunt, instead of the meter, and the meter would monitor the shunt in order to display the measured current value.  My diagram above doesn't illustrate this situation.

For currents in between these two it could go either way.


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I used round panel meters on my homemade control cart. The only thing they are missing is lighting. They are under $10 each on the bay so I ordered an extra one to see if I could put LEDs in the housing... but that is a rainy-day project.


Search for AC 0-10A Round Analog Panel Meter Ammeter & AC 0-20V Round Analog Panel Voltage Meter


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