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When I got home from my Christmas  travels I headed to the train board.  My new LC+ was lining up a freight run.  While backing over a switch the flat car derailed taking the rear of the tender with it.  I killed power and sorted out the mess.  On power up, the train is dead.  Do I have a new wall decoration now??

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Odenville Bill posted:
I'm using a Type S transformer. Be easy y'all, I'm a rookie.

Ain’t nobody gonna pick on ya Bill, we just wanna help ya get past this, and keep it from happening to ya again....pretty sure your S type did the deed...I don’t use Post war type transformers anymore, but if you use the search feature look fortrack power protection or something along those lines, there are quite a few threads about this subject...and I’m sure Rob is watching and might chime in better than I can on that subject....anybody that picks on ya belongs home buttering toast...they don’t belong here...............Pat

Just to refresh my own understanding of TVS protection.  I have four TVS diodes on my post-war ZW transformer.  Each diode is connected across each of the four power terminals, from the power terminal itself to the "U" terminals opposite each power terminal.  I also have those fast acting circuit breakers wired into the circuit at the bus bars under the layout.

These circuit breakers trip at the slightest mishap.  So far I have had no problems with my two LC+ locos, even though I did have a derailment.  

The drawbar looked fine.  I sent the engine and tender to an approved advertiser for repairs.  Meanwhile I run a MPC era engine on it's own smaller transformer (with a fast breaker).  I'm reading and learning.  I broke some new ground today by ty-rapping a sponge/scrubber to a gondola car, adding alcohol - to the sponge, and making 25 laps.  I'll bet it can get a load of scrap metal over the mountain now.

New question:  I bought a current set of Lionel yard lights.  They are LED and just bright enough.  They do not come with mounting screws.  What size wood screw fits?

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