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@TrainBub posted:

Well I don’t know what’s going on but I bring up the website and the pix are still there and the reservation page still shows. Sorry guys!!!!  
Maybe it’s in the process of going away ?????????????  so be it ????


I did not say the FA project was cancelled.  I will take the time to look later, but one of the folks associated with Sunset stated the project was on the back burner.

As far as ordering a Pennsy FA-1, the order form does not say whether you are ordering a FA-1 or FA-2.  It just says FA.

When you go to the announcement page, it lists the roads they plan to make for the FA-1 and FA-2.  For the Pennsy, they plan to make a FA-2 which makes sense since the Penny had 12 FA-2 ABA sets.  However, they don't have a Pennsy FA-1 listed.  The way the order form is set up you don't know if you are ordering a FA-1 or FA-2.

I originally thought Sunset was not making a Pennsy FA-1 because of the small number board on the real Pennsy's FA-1, similar to the ones on their F3s.  That would have made producing a Pennsy FA-1 more expensive.  However, after a search on the web it looks like a lot of roads had the small number board.  Maybe Sunset didn't think they would sell enough Pennsy FA-1s in competition with the Pennsy FA-2 since the Pennsy only had 4 ABBA sets.

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@TrainBub posted:

Ah you guy are just splitting detail diffs between Penn FA1&2s. OK !!! Got It.
So EVERYONE else - Step Up !!! 😳

Ive three “A”s reserved so far. I Want to see these done !!!!!  👍👍👍

Well Yes. Its the details THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The 3 rail community is loaded with scale PRR FA-2 from Lionel, MTH and Weaver models.

The scale FA-1 are only done by Williams and are the only game in town with many details missed and/or incorrect.

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