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OK Guys and Gals ... now is the time to stock up with our Ameri-Towne structures.  As you probably know, even OGR has been subjected to shortages and plastic has been one of them.  OGR is one of the only manufacturers of O-gauge structures that makes these right here in the United States.  Because we want to be American made, we had to go with a plastic that costs $4.00 a pound compared to .60 a pound which was what we were previously paying.  Consequently, our pricing had to increase BUT we have a limited number of pieces of the older plastic parts and we are going to clear out the warehouse!  YOU are going to benefit from this limited time sale!

From now until October 26th, when you go to our web store and purchase our Ameri-Towne structures, you will receive 40 PERCENT OFF the current pricing.  All you have to do is pick the items you want and then in the coupon/promo code blank put in "40off" (don't use the quote marks).  You will then receive 40 PERCENT OFF on the structures you have chosen!  So...if you have been wishing for "good ole' days" pricing, here is your chance.  The discount represents pricing that we had on the structures prior to the pandemic.  If you have been contemplating making a purchase but didn't like the higher prices then this is your opportunity to get our fantastic Ameri-Towne structures at the old price.  This offer is only good until midnight October 26, 2022.  No dealers, businesses, etc. please.  Hurry because when we run out of old stock, it will be too late and could occur before the deadline date of 10-26-22.  Thanks for your orders and support!

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Quick question: is there any way for us to track our orders? Placed mine on the 30th and never got an email confirming that it shipped. If there is a backlog due to the sale, totally understand. I am just curious if there is a way to track it, looked around on the website and didn't see any.


Sorry for taking so long to respond Bryce.  We have had a ton of orders so there is a backlog.  You will get a tracking number when your order ships.  Please understand that we have only two folks that are making and packing/shipping orders.  Thanks!

Hey Guys and Gals!   Just updated the Ameri-Towne inventory again and some items are now sold out!  This sale is going on until the 26th so don't miss out (you may already have!) on your favorite buildings!  Winter is just around the corner and these make fantastic additions to any kind of layout.  Hurry before the sale stock is gone!  Thanks to everyone that has made a purchase....ENJOY!

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