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Artwork not here yet, but you get the idea.

Announcing Custom Run Lionel Vision Line Triplex #5015 without the white wheels
You guys asked and Lionel delivered!

The art work isn't here yet, but thus version will have black wheels and blackened side rods. Please pre-order because we aren't making very many of these!

  • Lionel 24310NW - Vision Line Triplex Steam Locomotive "Erie" #5015 - Custom Run for MrMuffin'sTrains without white wheels - Regularly $2499.99 - Preorder sale priced at $2249.99
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In looking at b&w photos online, there are plenty with whitewalls, but I don't think any pictures had the white fronts on the cylinders.

Has anyone seen photos with white cylinder fronts?

Yesterday I emailed Steve about the white cylinder fronts and his response was "Getting rid of those too...".

So, Steve is selling a Triplex with black wheels, blackened side rods, and cylinder fronts that are not white.

Hooahh, as we say in the USAF.

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