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I purchased my first CB&Q Zephyr from Berwyn in 1996.

MTH Premier CB&Q F3 ABA 9960ABC with 60' plated-aluminum California Zephyr cars.

I later purchased MTH RailKing WP F3 CZ set for my daughter.

I have purchased many more items beyond the above that I can't remember at the moment.

I stop by there every year or so.

Besides being near the Q, Berwyn has a great mural of 4-8-4 CB&Q #5626 painted on part of their wall.  Larry, Tom, & Tim - please post a photograph of your mural & layout !!!

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Thank you Tom, Larry and Tim for being a sponsor and welcome aboard! It’s about time!😜

This is my LHS and they are excellent. Great pricing, huge inventory, good at hunting down items on your list, high quality repairs and all around good guys. Stop by on a Saturday and this place is packed with all ages since they have a huge toy department (LEGO, Thomas, slot cars, etc.) in addition to all of the hobby basics. Pre-COVID they had a couple of Thomas tables set up that drew a big crowd of future O gauge modelers.

Call them up and a real person answers the phone. Go ahead and give ‘em a call!

I remember the original store on Oak Park Ave in Tinley used to go there then moved on harlem ave put a set of 2343 AA and B unit on layaway yes layaway My wife bought a complete blue comet set from there for my Birthday back then as well.

Still have the above trains and will pay you guys a visit in near future ole 66 as i bought the DCS setup there in 2002 still works great .

Welcome to the forum.

@ CBQ Bill Thanks!  Great Idea!  Here's the mural.


This first pic really sells the store for those who haven’t been. Also there are glass cases just out of the bottom pic, then more cases to the right. The layout is behind this picture, and then there are shelves and shelves behind that! There’s one other big O store in the Chicago area, but it’s so cluttered and trashy. For those who haven’t been, Berwyn’s is a great shop.

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