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So to match the many CB&Q Engines that we are producing, we thought - why not produce some passenger equipment as well!!

We have contracted with Atlas O to make these Burlington sets using the same tooling that MTH once owned.

The sets we are making are as follows: WITH RIBBON LETTERING!

4-Pack:  Combine, Coach, Diner, and Observation

cb&q hvwgt combine

Screenshot 2021-08-26 180111

The above combine artwork shows the placement of the markings.  The small lavatory window will be omitted from the production run, as is correct for a 70' car.   We are making car #3506.

CBQ4557 6-20-65 Aurora IL [002)

Pictured above is coach #4557 sitting at home in Aurora, IL.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 181848

cbqd178-1 [002)

This is the Dining Car that we are doing.  #178.  The side kitchen windows are filled in as shown in the above picture.  Our car will have the windows "open" so that the cooks don't burn the bacon.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 183352

CB&Q 251000, ex-639, Chicago, Ill., 6-1963, Hol Wagner photo-1

Meet "MONTEZUMA" ; car #639.  Shown above many years later as a MOW #251000.  We are stamping her as #639 with a traditional herald on the drumhead.  See the herald at the top of this post.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 183213 Screenshot 2021-08-26 183254

2-Pack: Coach and Coach

MOT 058

Above is coach # 6117 located at the Museum of Transportation (MOT) in Kirkwood, MO.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 181848

Below is coach #6144 sitting somewhere in Sugarcreek, OH in 1996.

img463-copy_edited-2-copy1024 [002)

Single: Baggage

This is baggage car #1580 looking pretty in Green Bay, WI. at the National Railroad Museum.

cbq 1580 [002)

Screenshot 2021-08-26 173402

Single: RPO  (We have chosen to make the car as pictured below, IRM's REA / RPO #1923.)

Screenshot 2021-06-01 165823 [002)

Screenshot 2021-08-26 180501

Each car will be painted Pullman Green with black roofs and lettered from the factory using traditional pad-printing; "BURLINGTON".  In the font style of "ribbon" with goldish / yellow color.

Now for the real delight!  We are also announcing an additional two cars (different from the previous eight (8) above) that will be stamped the same EXCEPT THESE CARS WILL BE PAINTED ENTIRELY IN SILVER with Black Lettering!!!!

Meet your new SILVER  RPO / REA  AND DINING CARS!  Both to be sold as single units.

Silver Single: RPO / REA  #1941

Screenshot 2021-08-26 173129

silver cb&q

Photographer for silver RPO / REA 1941 picture is F. Hol Wagner, Jr.

From CB&Q Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment by Michael J. Spoor. Published by Morning Sun Books.

Silver Single: Diner  #171

Screenshot 2021-08-26 172959

Diner 171

The above picture is a duplicate photo by Al Choine, Ray Bedard collection.

Supplied to us and used by permission from forum member "ray of sunshine"


Price for each car is $109.99.  You may order any assortment (mix n' match) that you would like, however you must order as per pack.

No pack spilt-ups.

Pre-order yours today!  Expected to be released 4th Quarter of 2021.

Pre-production artwork will be revealed as soon as possible!

Deposit is required to place an order - a simple $10 for every car ordered!

Now accepting orders online:



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  • cb&q hvwgt combine
  • CBQ4557 6-20-65 Aurora IL (002)
  • cbqd178-1 (002)
  • CB&Q 251000, ex-639, Chicago, Ill., 6-1963, Hol Wagner photo-1
  • MOT 058
  • img463-copy_edited-2-copy1024 (002)
  • cbq 1580 (002)
  • Screenshot 2021-06-01 165823 (002)
  • silver cb&q
  • Diner 171
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