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Delivered to our shop and processing orders NOW!  Boy do these look great!


ARRIVED 11/22/21!

Due out 3rd Quarter of 2021!  These two paint schemes never before produced by MTH in Premier on these cars!  Price $64.99.  Call or email to reserve yours NOW!  As true to prototypical as possible!  Two car numbers for each paint scheme!  WOW!! Create your 1960-80's unit trains now.  Each car has a removable coal load to give you the most realistic operation possible.  Note on the C&EI car the unique stamping on the underbelly chutes and having the correct arch-bar trucks.  AND as a plus each C&EI car will be stamped "When empty return to Mt. Vernon, Ill." !!!  Representing one of that railroads' coal loading facilities.  On the C&NW car it has a very distinguish yellow end true to life!  Anyone living within the C&NW System (from Chicago to Wyoming's Powder River Basin) will remember these unit trains as they passed!  Stay tuned everyone for even more announcements to come next week!Screenshot 2021-04-23 163216Screenshot 2021-04-23 163312Screenshot 2021-04-23 163847Screenshot 2021-04-23 164122Screenshot 2021-04-23 164206Screenshot 2021-04-23 165814Screenshot 2021-04-23 170007Screenshot 2021-04-23 170107Screenshot 2021-04-23 165923Screenshot 2021-04-23 165350

The above picture is of a HO Bowser car representing a 3-bay hopper from Bethlehem Steel which was announced in a railroaders modeling magazine.  Artwork / Image done by Bowser.


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  • Screenshot 2021-04-23 165814
  • Screenshot 2021-04-23 170007
  • Screenshot 2021-04-23 170107
  • Screenshot 2021-04-23 165923
  • Screenshot 2021-04-23 165350
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