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Delivered to our shop and processing orders NOW!  Boy do these look great!


ARRIVED 11/22/21!

Due out 3rd Quarter of 2021!  This paint scheme never before produced by MTH in Premier on this car!  Price $64.99.  Call or email to reserve yours NOW!  As true to prototypical as possible!  Two car numbers for each paint scheme!  WOW!!  Instead of the traditional boxcar red color (looks brown) we decided to brighten up this car and offer you guys a different hue!  Even Canadian National guys might have to swipe this up!

Screenshot 2021-04-27 114656Screenshot 2021-04-27 114810Screenshot 2021-04-27 114848Screenshot 2021-04-27 114934

Screenshot 2021-04-27 120559

The above picture is of a N-scale car produced by Deluxe Innovations.


Images (7)
  • IMG-4063
  • IMG-4064
  • Screenshot 2021-04-27 114656
  • Screenshot 2021-04-27 114810
  • Screenshot 2021-04-27 114848
  • Screenshot 2021-04-27 114934
  • Screenshot 2021-04-27 120559
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Picked up mine today. A lovely shade of off brown that’s far more refreshing to see than the normal GTW Blue standard boxcar. The detail is crisp and sharp as you’d expect from a modern MTH run.
6CC84ED6-043C-4B25-AD8F-53F8E536BBF0The car of course looks better when you add it to a train! Being GTW it could well fit in anywhere in your Midwest collection. Or heck get crazy! Say it ended up way out west or to the far south. Regardless you’re sure to have a “Grand” Time.  (The puns will only get worse)

E437E8BC-C2AC-4C87-B7B7-8CD890B51B1Acall today and hopefully score this unique car!


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  • F3C4A71E-A0B3-4988-B12E-7C38E2D9FF3D
  • 6CC84ED6-043C-4B25-AD8F-53F8E536BBF0
  • E437E8BC-C2AC-4C87-B7B7-8CD890B51B1A

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