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To the point - no fluff!  Price $64.99 each.  Two road numbers available.  Want them?  Call / Email to reserve.  Info below ⇓

Screenshot 2021-06-04 200215Screenshot 2021-06-04 200332Screenshot 2021-06-04 200421Screenshot 2021-06-04 200528

New revised artwork shown above .  We did not like way the lettering "stacked" on ICG spelled out.  Had MTH center the "stacked" lettering and added bolder font where necessary.  Put a few more mid 70's icons on it as well:  Barcode and "Service with Safety" motto.

Old artwork shown below .  For those who preordered based on the old artwork and wish to cancel their order, no problem what-so-ever.  Please get a hold of us.  Thank you.

Screenshot 2021-05-11 175450Screenshot 2021-05-11 183129

The above picture is of a N-scale car made by Deluxe Innovations. 40' AAR 1966 Steel Boxcar ICG.


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  • Screenshot 2021-06-04 200215
  • Screenshot 2021-06-04 200332
  • Screenshot 2021-06-04 200421
  • Screenshot 2021-06-04 200528
  • Screenshot 2021-05-11 175450
  • Screenshot 2021-05-11 183129
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Ha - depends on how long a consist you want. I am already down for 2 CB&Q reefers, a Soo Line box car and now two ICG box cars.  I am told they have more surprises for the fans of Chicago area rail.

Something tells me this is not going to be inexpensive and silly me had thought with the closing of MTH I had already bought the last of my new MTH gear.

@prrjim posted:

Which AAR boxcar?   1937, 1944, postwar X43, or how about the psot 1967 50 ft car.    The AAR had recommended many designs for boxcars.    Which is it to be?

Good question!  Since this is the same tooling that MTH has been using for their labeled "40' AAR box car" - (that they have produced for at least the past 15 years) - maybe YOU can enlighten us as to what exactly you (and your 2-rail friends) would describe it as.  For the rest of us, simply "40' AAR box car" suffices.

Thanks for your interest.

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