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Due out 4th Quarter of 2021!  This paint scheme never before produced by MTH in Premier on this car!  Price $64.99.  Call or email to reserve yours NOW!  As true to prototypical as possible!  Two car numbers for each paint scheme!  OH BOY, OH BOY, OH BOY!  We are sure excited about this one!  With a bright silver roof and prototypical phrases on opposite sides of the car this is a must for every BURLINGTON enthusiast!  AND as a plus each CB&Q car will be stamped "When empty return to GALESBURG, Ill." !!!  Representing one of that railroads' meat processing sourced facilities.  Anyone living within the CB&Q System (from Chicago to Omaha or Kansas City and beyond) will remember these reefers as they passed by!  Stay tuned everyone for even more announcements to come this Tuesday!  ROCK ISLAND you say?

Screenshot 2021-04-28 172149Screenshot 2021-04-28 172245Screenshot 2021-04-28 172327Screenshot 2021-04-28 172420Screenshot 2021-04-28 155501Screenshot 2021-04-28 172533Screenshot 2021-04-28 174531Screenshot 2021-04-28 170615

The above picture of a model is of a Ho Athearn car.


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  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 172149
  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 172245
  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 172327
  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 172420
  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 155501
  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 172533
  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 174531
  • Screenshot 2021-04-28 170615
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