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Let the train season begin!

Delivered to our shop and processing orders NOW!  Boy do these look great!

IC F3Screenshot 2022-10-15 123231Screenshot 2022-10-15 123059Screenshot 2022-10-15 145843Screenshot 2022-10-15 145934Screenshot 2022-10-15 150028Screenshot 2022-10-15 123358

  ARRIVED 8/8/22!  Price $474.99 each powered unit. $224.99 each lighted dummy unit.  Call / Email / or order online.      ⇓  Ordering Info below  ⇓

Hey IC Fans!  How about this one!

Screenshot 2021-11-12 181607

Each piece will be sold separately for your personalized taste!   A-A-A;  A-A;  or just an A.  Two powered A-units to choose from.  Equipped with all the PS 3.0 features you are accustomed to.  Available in two different road numbers: #1615 and #1620.  A separate non-powered A-unit will also be available.  Available in road number #1610.

icg f3 real

Screenshot 2021-11-12 183750Screenshot 2021-11-12 182851Screenshot 2021-11-12 181452

Screenshot 2021-11-12 181639

Screenshot 2021-11-12 181357Screenshot 2021-11-12 181722

Screenshot 2021-11-12 181826

"TRAIN SEASON is HERE!  Happy Fall Everyone!"

Now accepting orders online:



Images (16)
  • IC F3
  • Screenshot 2022-10-15 123231
  • Screenshot 2022-10-15 123059
  • Screenshot 2022-10-15 145843
  • Screenshot 2022-10-15 145934
  • Screenshot 2022-10-15 150028
  • Screenshot 2022-10-15 123358
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 181607
  • icg f3 real
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 183750
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 182851
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 181452
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 181639
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 181357
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 181722
  • Screenshot 2021-11-12 181826
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Yer killin me. Guess I am going to have to figure out how to put DCS on a layout.

Observation - engines with white paint must be handled with clean hands or gloves, any dirt will show on that white paint.

When the mood suits me, I take pictures from my Google Pixel (3a XL at the moment) phone of stores and upload them to Google Maps. Berwyn Toys and Trains at one time was my number one viewed set of pictures. Another was Blik art supply in Evanston. Mister Muffin's was high on the list but my pictures were before he got the second store. Its hard to take decent pictures of stores without anybody in the picture that might not want to be in it.

They're FINALLY HERE!  Your orders are on their way!  Thanks to everyone who ordered these engines......

I looked at these at the store yesterday and pictures don’t do them justice. They are so full of  detail and the colors and logo really pop. Buy a set you won’t be disappointed.

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