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Delivered to our shop and processing orders NOW!  Boy do these look great!

BN Bay WindowBN Bay Window1

ARRIVED 3/11/22!

To the point - no fluff!  Price $74.99 each.  Two road numbers available.  Want them?  Call / Email or shop our new online store.      ⇓ Info below ⇓

BN baywindow cabooseScreenshot 2021-09-17 200610Screenshot 2021-09-17 200729Screenshot 2021-09-17 200642

Now accepting orders online:



Images (6)
  • BN Bay Window
  • BN Bay Window1
  • BN baywindow caboose
  • Screenshot 2021-09-17 200610
  • Screenshot 2021-09-17 200729
  • Screenshot 2021-09-17 200642
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wow another home run. you guys are the best. since you choose railroads I model you get  all my money going forward for new items.

I bought the rock island gp and baywindow caboose from you. they are first rate mth products. no flaws whatsoever out of the box by mth.

as much as I love these custom runs you are doing. please take a break so my wallet can catch up and get the custom run engines you have in stock all ready😁

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