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This Premier engine is due out 2nd Quarter of 2022.  Equipped with all the PS 3.0 features you are accustomed to.  Smoke out the top, wheels on the bottom, goes "ding-ding" and "woo-woo".  Price $1250.  Preorder to reserve yours now!  A deposit of $100 American will be required when placing an order.

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Screenshot 2021-07-06 200042Screenshot 2021-07-06 200343Screenshot 2021-07-06 200227Screenshot 2021-07-06 195822Screenshot 2021-07-06 200307Screenshot 2021-07-06 200131Screenshot 2021-07-06 200419Screenshot 2021-07-06 200453

We have requested that this engine come with the short tender, just like we used for the Q's engine.

The engine in the picture vs the MTH engine is slightly different.  This is a standard production tooling that MTH uses for most of their USRA Pacifics.  This is NOT an O-Scale brass 2-rail model that would mimic the real thing (picture) to the correct scale with correct proportions.  This is as close as we can get to using the available tools at hand.

Screenshot 2021-05-25 195816

The above picture is copied from here.


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  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 200042
  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 200343
  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 200227
  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 195822
  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 200307
  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 200131
  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 200419
  • Screenshot 2021-07-06 200453
  • Screenshot 2021-05-25 195816
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These Pacific’s will be all BLACK. We have asked the Milwaukee Road Historical Society and they responded that MR never used any graphite on any of their steam locomotives. The boiler front, smoke box, yep it’s all black. Like a 1950’s Lionel train . After all the models that have been painted inaccurately, I’m happy to have this right aspect right !

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