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Here's a patriotic engine to start the summer off right!

Meet the Belt Railway of Chicago and their 1976 Bicentennial Diesel #534.

MP15DC Belt

Located only 9 miles south of us is one of the largest railroad hump classification yards in operation.

A brief history of the "Belt" BRC.

A further in depth read about;  The railroad as it is today.

Screenshot 2022-05-12 192025

This RailKing Scale engine is tentatively due out 4th Quarter of 2022.  Equipped with all the PS 3.0 features you are accustomed to.  Windows in the cab, wheels on the bottom, lights in the front, couplers on the ends AND goes "honk-honk" and "clang-clang"!  Price $360.  Available in one road number: 534.  Preorder to reserve yours now!  A deposit of $50 American will be required when placing an order.

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Screenshot 2022-05-12 192316Screenshot 2022-05-12 192237Screenshot 2022-05-12 192142

Now accepting orders online:



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  • MP15DC Belt
  • Screenshot 2022-05-12 192025
  • Screenshot 2022-05-12 192316
  • Screenshot 2022-05-12 192237
  • Screenshot 2022-05-12 192142
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