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Delivered to our shop and processing orders NOW!  Boy do these look great!

JG Ken Dog

Screenshot 2022-04-15 170536

Ken-L-Ration was the first to introduce canned dog food.

Everyone in the Midwest and across the nation can remember these vintage commercials and famous jingles.

The Chappel Bros. Inc out of Rockford, Il. had 50 of these cars in real life.


(Above picture copied from "Billboard Refrigerator Cars" by Richard H. Hendrickson and Edward S. Kaminski. 2009 Signature Press, CA.)

For those who wish to read more on the history of Ken-L_Ration.

This is our interpretation of what one of their cars could look like if they kept their railroad car advertisement around.

ARRIVED 11/7/22!

Price $59.99 each.  Two road numbers available on each paint scheme.

Want them?  Call / Email or shop our new online store.

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Screenshot 2022-04-15 124623Screenshot 2022-04-15 125231Screenshot 2022-04-15 125027Screenshot 2022-04-15 124938

Now accepting orders online:



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  • JG Ken Dog
  • Screenshot 2022-04-15 170536
  • KenLRation
  • Screenshot 2022-04-15 124623
  • Screenshot 2022-04-15 125231
  • Screenshot 2022-04-15 125027
  • Screenshot 2022-04-15 124938
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