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The New Jersey Hi-Railers Train Club of Paterson, New Jersey is pleased to announce a very special Premier Gondola with removable Junk Load from MTH in the NYNJ’s paint scheme.
The blue cars are a replica of the units on property and are emblazoned with the New York and New Jersey Railway NYNJ coast guard logo. The cars sport white end caps, white steps and a black brake wheel. There are 2 car numbers available   These cars are used as pushers onto the car floats of New York Harbor
Prototypically numbered as # 11 and # 111, both can be seen periodically on the Bay Ridge/Bush Terminal side of Brooklyn or in the Greenville Yard in NJ. Add these cars to your 2020 release of the NJ-HiRailers custom run of the MTH MP15-ACs for the NYNJ.
Delivery date is estimated to be March / April 2023.
Production of this car is extremely limited to those that purchase the car in advance.
To order please visit our club store at
You can also pay by check or money order by printing the attached Order form


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