Ladies and Gentlemen.....we would like to announce to all of you that Greg Stout and his team at Stout Auctions are joining us as new magazine and forum sponsors!  Most of you are already familiar with Stout Auctions since they have been around for over 25 years offering trains, train collections, and railroadiana from all eras to operators and collectors worldwide. Greg invites you to visit their website at and explore the upcoming auctions, and services that they provide.  Don't forget to click on their banner ad found in the 4th row of banners at the top of all forum pages as well as the index listing found within the featured topics of all of our categories.  Both the banner and index listing have live links to their website.  Please join OGR in welcoming the crew at Stout Auctions!


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That is great, I do like Stout's. Every time that I visit a friend up north, he seems to have several large piles of stuff from Stout; I think that he keeps them in business!

Later Gator,



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Greg and company

Welcome aboard!  Glad to see you as an advertiser for our  Forum.  I now have an easier route to your website (through our Forum) to "graze" through the many train offerings you have.  Great to have you with us!


Jim Barrett
OGR Backshop Foreman

I'm a bit late to the party here (I sometimes surf the forum a bit too rapidly), but am nevertheless pleased to welcome Greg and Stout Auctions aboard. Stout is an auction house I have been referring folks to for many years, dating back to when I was with Kalmbach and later with Antique Trader Publications in the 1990s or so. They have an established and well-deserved reputation for doing a fine job for both sellers and buyers, and I know that folks I have referred to them in the past have been well satisfied with the results and the service.


Thank you to everyone here for welcoming us to the OGR forum. We have watched the forum with great interest for many years and felt the time was right to step in and get involved. This is indeed the place to be in the O gauge world if you want to get information out to a large and passionate group in a short amount of time. 

Over the last twenty six years we have been privileged to sell some of most outstanding O gauge collections to ever have been offered publically. While we are thankful for our reputation in the high end collecting community, we want the OGR forum to know that we are offering thousands of toy trains per month in a no reserve auction setting. This makes for some great deals and scarce modern era items that don't show up very often on Ebay or other places. 

We have also branched out in recent years to offer not only O gauge, but also G scale, O scale two rail, HO, and Railroadiana. We have something for everyone. Whether you're a operator, looking for fixer uppers, or looking to add to your collection. There is a good chance you'll find something during every one of our sales that could find a home with you. 

We look forward to joining the discussion and sharing with you over the coming years. 

All the best, 

The Stout Auctions Team

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Upcoming 2019 Auction Dates:

  • August 16 / 17
  • September 20 / 21
  • November 1 / 2
  • December 6 / 7


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