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@bmoran4 posted:

You can control multiple switches together. I do that on my layout for automatic dynamic routing. Just wire up the outer terminals between the switches (if the direction is wrong, swap the outside leads on one switch).

Edit: Here is an excerpt from the 1954 Lionel Operating Guide showing a setup. You can optionally remove any/all of the controllers (such as the one that is shaded):

@ADCX Rob posted:

Without bulbs. If you connect too many controllers with bulbs, it will activate the switch solenoid(s) without moving the lever(s).

Rob, thanks for that information.  Do you have an idea about how many (remotes with) bulbs added to the circuit it would take to lower the circuit resistance enough to activate the solenoid in a single O22 switch?



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Concerning the bulbs, I recommend using LEDs in the 022 switches. Doing so eliminates melting the lanterns, which often happened when I used incandescent  bulbs.

One reason I stayed with tubular track is the O22 switches. They may not be that realistic looking, but I think they have a charming appearance and my experience with them is that they are affordable in good operating order on the used market, reliable and relatively easy to fix if anything goes wrong.

I started out with 027 tubular and decided to use O Gauge when building my last and current layout around 1995. I much prefer 022 switches with their voltage plug drawing power from the transformer as opposed  to the remote control 027 switches that draw power from the track, though I know they can be modified to also draw power from the transformer. Arnold

@Radioman77 posted:

Arnold, what leds are you using? John

I got mine at Town & Country Hobbies, product LED-1447 (screw), and LED-1445 (bayonette).

IMO, they are not as bright as traditional incandescent bulbs, so if you prefer a brighter light, you may want to stick to incandescent. The main reason I opted for LEDs for my 022 switches was to avoid having the switch lanterns melting because of the heat generated by the incandescent bulbs.

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