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This time I upgraded an MTH PS1 GP38-2.  I had a smidge more room in this MTH engine than the previous Weaver SD40-2 upgrade.

I also needed PS2 protocouplers that worked on 5v.  Thank you Lehigh Valley Railroad for getting those to me so quickly.

Now I'm ready to consist my two deadrail RailPro engines.

Have Fun


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@Don Sweet posted:

Bravo Ron, I like your justification for turning on all those LEDs!!

Good advice on choosing the PS2 couplers to use the 5V output. Did you add a diode to prevent the shorting error?

Enjoy, Don

Thanks Don,

I did not install a diode, but easily could.  So I believe I will do that today.  Thanks for the tip.  Will one for the 5v source suffice, or should I add one for each coupler?



That worked better than expected.  No more long vibration with an On/Off 1 Sec.   With the diode in place, I can do regular On/Off and just hear the normal click.

I did not get the lights in the video, but there is no flicker when the couplers are fired.  Is that maybe because I have the lights on one 5v+ source and the couplers on the other 5v+ source on the RP board?

Having Fun!


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