Hi everyone,

Here is another idea for gondola load.

I prefer to build loads on wood pallet and do not attach to gondola permanently. It helps to keep train operations more functional and use different loads for different industry yards.

Current load idea required 13 steel mesh rolls  1 7/16 to fit into gondola.

Create long pallet touching gondola walls from inside with 3 bases. Middle base should be shorter because Gilbert gondola has wall rib right in the middle of body. Other 2 bases - left and right can be the same size to fit into gondola and prevent load from moving inside.

Use white glue to assemble all mesh rolls (starting from center line). Kind of important - > wait until structure glue is dry completely.

I prefer to add side walls (bulkheads) to beautify load.

Top level of rolls can be connected to pallet by wire or rope.

'Caution' and 'Keep out signs' looks very good as additions for crew safety.

Please review pictures and let me know your professional feedback.



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While my only custom loads have been tractors and a block of limestone, I really like this.   I've been thinking of making custom loads for my gondolas and hoppers.  Good job.

Hi Russell,

Sure. I have 721 more load ideas. It is not possible to list all of them. I'll publish few more soon.

S - Oxidized Steel Load for American Flyer Gondolas

I estimated weight of steel and believe only 3 heavy panels can be loaded into gondola.

I use the same idea - created wood pallet for storage on load yard and pending for manifest. Load do not attached to gondola permanently.

Light rust in 2 colors (because it is oxidized steel and rust will shows up on day two).

Please let me know your thoughts.


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This is a muck load I made for an S gauger friend. I made a scale sized crossing gate, and then broke it into pieces, along with some damaged ties and rail, some dirt, ballast, weeds, and branches.


American Flyer Muck Load 014American Flyer Muck Load 012American Flyer Muck Load 005


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