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Originally Posted by leavingtracks:

Menards is really taxing my wallet...






Emperor O Gaugius:

There is a great disturbance in the wallet.

We have a new enemy...Menards.

Their building offerings are strong.

They could destroy us.


Darth Railius:

If their buildings were placed on our layouts, they would become a powerful ally.

Their efforts can continue in support of our great plan.


Emperor O Gaugius:



Proceed Lord Railius.



OK. It's a slow morning.


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Originally Posted by jjmmagoo:
Just was wondering has anybody received this yet???  How do they like it???  Should I wait till the rumored road names come available?  Has anybody modified this and changed the road name?  I really would like this but am afraid I don't have the real estate.  Thanks everyone!

The loco shed has been out for a few weeks now. Sold out very quickly at my local Menards along with the other Menards buildings. I really like the Milwaukee shed, it will be home for my MTH Milwaukee steamer. Seems like it was a total sell out we will see another one next year.

I ordered mine on-line Dec 2nd and kept getting updates pushing the delivery out to Dec 30.  Went to my local Mernards (Evendale, OH) to pickup the other items I had ordered and noticed the shed was now in stock at the store and on sale for 49.95 instead of the 59.95 price.  Grabbed it and cancelled my on-line order. Also all of the Woodland Scenes trees were marked down also, looks like they were cleaning house for the Holiday rush.

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